Specialty Towing

Nationwide Towing & Transport operators have the experience and the knowledge to provide specialty towing and transport such as salvage and recovery, towing from car parks with height restrictions, clearway towing, break down towing and unique transport.  No move is too big or too small. 

swimming pool transport

We know that transporting your specialty item in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner is important to you.

We are contracted to tow vehicles impounded under Hoon Laws or those that have been stolen and recovered, vandalised or burnt out.   We also tow vehicles that are unlawfully obstructing access to a driveway or impeding traffic access as directed by the Police.

With our specialised fleet of over 200 vehicles, operating 24/7 nationally, we strive to exceed customer expectations.   Our vehicles are modern, clean, safe and reliable, are fitted with the latest equipment, and are regularly audited to ensure safety and quality compliance.

Since our inception in 1987, we have developed systems and processes to provide a seamless service delivery.   This includes our sophisticated dispatch system that incorporates GPS tracking, on-glass signature and photo capture.   Nationwide’s account customers have real time access to job bookings, current location of their consignment and proof of delivery at completion of the job via web and email.

Our friendly and helpful people are fully trained and regularly assessed to ensure safety and quality compliance.

We are the first choice for a safe, dependable and quality accredited towing and transport service. Our motto is Anything, Nationwide, Anytime – Safely.

Contact us today to make an enquiry, request a quote, make a booking or arrange an assessment by one of our experts.

Our Specialty Towing services include:
  • Salvage & Recovery
  • Underground carpark towing
  • Clearway towing
  • Breakdown towing
  • Unique transport

More Services: