Safety & Quality


Nationwide Towing & Transport demonstrates a strong commitment to our Safety and Quality Management systems. We currently hold accreditation to AS4801 and ISO9001 for the ‘Provision of towing and transport services for vehicles, plant & equipment and other miscellaneous items.  Emergency Roadside Assistance services.  Storage of vehicles and other miscellaneous items and auctioning of derelict, confiscated, stolen and abandoned vehicles on behalf of the organisation and its customers.  We have held accreditation to both standards since 1996.

Safety is first and foremost.   We believe that all incidents are preventable and we have a strong commitment to ensure safe work practices at all times.  Our policies set the commitment towards Workplace Health and Safety and our Quality processes drive continual improvement.  Our representatives are reminded of their need to comply with the Safety and Quality standards on a regular basis via skills assessments audits, pre-start inspections, site assessments, ‘safety alerts’ and online learning.   A comprehensive induction and training program forms part of the Safety system.  Our trainers have extensive hands-on industry experience and hold the relevant training qualifications.

We are compliant with other relevant regulations and standards including PPE, Uniforms and Vehicle signage.

The Workplace Health and Safety Committee meets monthly and is chaired by the CEO.

The Fleet is serviced in accordance with manufacturer requirements.

All equipment on our vehicles is inspected, tested and tagged annually to ensure the equipment continues to comply with specification standards.   In addition, all equipment is checked during regular audits, vehicle services and by the Tow truck operator daily before and after loading and unloading.   Any equipment that is not deemed safe for the job is replaced.

Nationwide is also committed to both the awareness and application of fatigue management.

We have been identified as an Industry leader with Work Safe Authorities.