Auction Terms & Conditions

Please be aware all vehicles for sale at this auction today are either Abandoned / Derelict vehicles that have been authorised for disposal by the associated Authorities or released under Uncollected Goods under Part 4.2 of the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012. Nationwide does not interfere with any of these vehicles other than for the purposes of transportation and storage and does not accept responsibility for any injury/damage/loss that may directly or indirectly occur as a result of coming into contact with the vehicles or any object/substance that may be found inside any of these vehicles.
All vehicles are clear of encumbrances and are advertised for sale regardless of appearance or condition. You will be advised by the auctioneer if the vehicle is a repairable write-off (RWR) or a statutory write-off (SWR).

The last owner has until the fall of the hammer to claim his/her vehicle. The title of the purchaser shall not be impeached on any grounds what so ever and he/she shall take such vehicle freed from any title estate, interest or right of any other person.
All bidders are to be a minimum of 18 years of age. This is a public auction and everyone including staff and employees are free to bid.

All bidders must have a registered bidder number for today. If a bidder does not have a number at the fall of the hammer or is not registered for todays auction, they will not be able to make a valid bid at this auction.
In the case of a disputed bid the auction will continue from the last undisputed bid.

All vehicles sold today must be paid for in full at conclusion of the auction by the acceptable payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS or EXACT Cash) – No EFT or Cheques).
A $30.00 auction administration fee is applicable to every sold vehicle and will be added to the invoice.
No vehicle is to be touched until paid in full.
Please go to the Impound Office once the auction concludes to make payment for your purchased vehicles and obtain a receipt prior to collecting your vehicle. Once paid, a signed receipt will be given to you today and a Tax Invoice will be sent via email or post within 2 working days.
Please take care and be wary of any biohazard material, sharps, objects, substances or other hazards that may be found inside the vehicles.

All purchased vehicles are to be collected within 30 minutes of auction conclusion or between 8am-4pm Monday and Tuesday (following Auction Day). If the vehicle is not collected before 4pm on Tuesday (following Auction Day), a $25.00 storage fee per vehicle per day is applicable, which must be paid BEFORE the car will be released. Towing can be arranged at trade rates or alternatively, please bring a suitable truck and/or trailer to load and transport the vehicle off site (fully functional tilt tray or wheel lift).
Note: If the vehicle needs to be worked on e.g. locksmith, change tyre, jump start, empty rubbish etc, this will need to be conducted off site (cannot be performed whilst on the Impound property).